PRET – Construction of Metal Structures


This program aims at training Technologists of Mechanical Engineering field with a complete mastery of the production processes.


In order to reach the goal required by the program, the following have been set:

  • To provide the needed middle man-power at the level of technologists that would be able to strategically put in place an effective production plan that will convert raw materials to quality and standard products;
  • To gradually narrow the technologists’ gap already existing between the content of the training and the realities of Production Engineering Technology in the country and elsewhere;
  • To Assist in the overall production management process in the industry;
  • To Reduce machine down-time during production and hence enhance productivity and efficiency in industry;
  • Enable training of teachers in the second cycle after the Bachelors of technology.


Holders of the following certificates are qualified for admission:

  • Higher National Diploma (HND) in:
  • Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical Manufacturing)
  • Brevet de Technicien Supérieur (BTS) in :
  • Fabrication Mécanique;
  • Construction Mécanique.
  • Diplôme Supérieur d’Etudes Professionnelles (DSEP) in :
  • Fabrication Mécanique;
  • Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie (DUT) in :
  • GMP (Génie Mécanique et Productique) ;
  • MIP (Maintenance Industrielle et Productique) ;
  • Other diplomas or certificates in equivalent technological knowledge.


A proper involvement in the curriculum and a carry out of all the assignments by the student, guarantee the following:

  • Involving or proposing services and consultancy in the area of industrial production in aeronautics, food, cosmetics, agriculture, metallurgy, etc.;
  • Working as production managers in companies listed above and also to Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs);
  • Having the opportunity of applying and sitting for entrance examination into the second cycle of Higher Technical Teacher Training College.
  • FeesFees per academic year three hundred and fifty thousand francs (350 000Fcfa)


The language of instruction is English.

Course Duration

Two (02) Semesters (One year)

Course Requirements: 60 Credits

        Course work: 52 credits

        Internship: 04 credits

        Dissertation: 04 credits

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