PRET – Applied Information Technology

  1. Applied Information Technology
Programme Professional Master of Applied Information technology
Award Title Professional Master of Applied Information Technology
Period of Study 4 Semesters
Offering Faculty/ School UB Graduate School
Credit Units Required for Graduation


Programme Coordinator Prof. Akume Daniel Akume


The Professional Masters in Applied Information Technology is a flexible course, providing advanced training in Information Technology for students with an undergraduate qualification in Information Technology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Computing, Information Systems, Computer Engineering, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, or equivalent. Knnowledge and skills shall be applied in this programme to real world problems and scenarios in this practical focussed course.

The Master of Applied Information Technology degree is a 120 credit, two years full-time award mode. The degree consists of IT units, project management units and research-based units.

Mission Statement

On completion of their degree students will be able to:

  • Conceptually map the most recent developments in IT theory and IT applications and justify their utility in various contexts.
  • Critically apply information technology knowledge and skills to new and uncertain situations in professional practice exhibiting a high level of personal autonomy and accountability.
  • Design, implement and evaluate applied IT research and transmit this knowledge to specialist and non-specialist audiences.
  • Formulate and strategise IT project management plans which accurately meet stakeholder needs and expectations.
  • train students up to an academically qualified level for a professional career in finance and actuarial science.

Admission Requirement

Entry into the program is open to applicants with a first degree or a postgraduate diploma in the following disciplines: Information Technology, Computer Science, Computing, Information Systems, Computer Engineering or equivalent.


Fees per academic year six hundred thousand francs (600 000Fcfa)


  • 2 years for Bachelor Degree Students
  • 1 year for DIPET II students

Employment Opportunities

This course will prepare you for a career in:

  • ICT training
  • project management
  • data warehousing
  • IT consultancy
  • networking administration
  • networking
  • Software development / engineering.


Compulsory courses: 66 credit hours

Electives: 6 credit hours

Internship: 10 credit hours

Seminar: 8 credit hours

Master Thesis: 30 credit hours

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