PRET – Mechanical and Production Engineering


This program aims at training Technologists of Mechanical Engineering field with a complete mastery of the production processes.


In order to reach the goal required by the program, the following have been set:

  • To provide the needed middle man-power at the level of technologists that would be able to strategically put in place an effective production plan that will convert raw materials to quality and standard products;
  • To gradually narrow the technologists’ gap already existing between the content of the training and the realities of Production Engineering Technology in the country and elsewhere;
  • To Assist in the overall production management process in the industry;
  • To Reduce machine down-time during production and hence enhance productivity and efficiency in industry;
  • Enable training of teachers in the second cycle after the Bachelors of technology.


Holders of the following certificates are qualified for admission:

  • Higher National Diploma (HND) in:
  • Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical Manufacturing)
  • Brevet de Technicien Supérieur (BTS) in :
  • Fabrication Mécanique;
  • Construction Mécanique.
  • Diplôme Supérieur d’Etudes Professionnelles (DSEP) in :
  • Fabrication Mécanique;
  • Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie (DUT) in :
  • GMP (Génie Mécanique et Productique) ;
  • MIP (Maintenance Industrielle et Productique) ;
  • Other diplomas or certificates in equivalent technological knowledge.


Fees per academic year three hundred and fifty thousand francs (350 000Fcfa)


A proper involvement in the curriculum and a carry out of all the assignments by the student, guarantee the following:

  • Involving or proposing services and consultancy in the area of industrial production in aeronautics, food, cosmetics, agriculture, metallurgy, etc.;
  • Working as production managers in companies listed above and also to Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs);
  • Having the opportunity of applying and sitting for entrance examination into the second cycle of Higher Technical Teacher Training College.

Language of instruction

The language of instruction is English.

Course Duration

Two (02) Semesters (One year)

Course Requirements: 60 Credits

  •         Course work : 48 credits
  •         Internship : 04 credits
  •         Dissertation: 08 credits
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