PRET – Textile and Clothing Technology


Within the spectrum of Social Economy and Family Management, the teaching of Fashion and Clothing Textile is aimed at giving the students the general notion of transforming fibers and other textile materials to ready-made Textiles.  Within the context of globalization, students’ knowledge is widened to integrate different domains of Textile and Clothing Technology. It is out of this focus that graduate students will be able to suit in as experts in the Textile and Clothing Technology sector wherever they find themselves.


At the end of the training, the students will be able to acquire:

  • Knowledge and skills required for the practice and to work in Textile Clothing Industry (Chemical processing industry or yarn and fabric industry) knowledge to extract natural fibers for textile application
  • knowledge in spinning and weaving technology
  • knowledge in coloration and printing of fabrics
  • Knowledge to design, manufacture, market and exhibit products
  • How to Coordinate and manage projects in Textile and Clothing industry
  • How to Carryout research projects related to Textile and Clothing industry


To be admitted in the undergraduate program (B. Tech) Textile Clothing Technology (TCT), Candidates must be holders of HND or BTS in Fashion Clothing and Textiles (FCT) or Textile and Clothing Technology (TCT) or in Clothing Industry (CI) or any other recognized equivalent certificate such as DIPET I.


Fees per academic year three hundred and fifty thousand francs (350 000Fcfa)


Upon completion of the training, graduates can aspire for the following responsibilities and job opportunities in the public, private and nonprofit making organization.

  • Textile Designers
  • Entrepreneurs


The language of instruction is English