HTTTC – Administrative Techniques

  1. Mission of the department
  2. Objectives
  3. Admission requirements
  4. Graduation Requirements
  5. Skills to be acquired


The Department of Administrative Techniques  in the Higher Technical Teachers’ Training College Kumba is committed to creating an environment that demands the pursuit of excellence. It aims to provide students in the nation and the region with technical knowledge in the teaching of Administrative Techniques  in various schools. In addition, it develops a strong foundation for successful employment and opportunities for advancement in Executive Secretary ship and ICT in the rapidly changing global environment.

The Department Offers the following  Programmes:

  • The first cycle (DIPET I) and
  • The second cycle (DIPET II)

In one option: Information Management and Communication (IMC)

Duration of Study

The duration of DIPET 1 is three years as prescribed by the Ministry of  Higher Education. This is made up of Six Semesters of fourteen to sixteen weeks each.

Second cycle on the other hand, has a duration of 2 years  (4 semesters). Qualification DIPET II in  IMC

Objectives of the Diploma Programme are:

The main objection of the department is to train professional teachers for technical education in Cameroon who are equipped with various professional and methodological techniques in the various disciplines. Specifically , the department is focused on:

  • Training technical school teachers secretarial duties and other related disciplines;
  • Training human resources that can exceptionally work in the corporate world in various intermediate and senior level positions.
  • Providing Flexibility, Knowledge, Skills and motivation as a basis for future studies and career development in various fields.
  • To respond to society’s changing needs by making tertiary education more economically competitive and socially sustainable in Cameroon.
  • To mount functional programs that emphasizes the culture of self-employment and jobs creation in addition to making them apt to existing market forces.

Minimum Admission Requirement

Candidates with diverse educational backgrounds are admitted into this department.


Candidates must be holders of GCE/AL, Baccalaureate or it equivalent) and pass the Competitive Entrance into HTTTC (ENSET)


Candidates must be holders of  First  Degree or  it equivalent and pass the Competitive Entrance into HTTTC (ENSET).

Graduation Requirements:

The students must pass all compulsory courses ( C ) and University wide courses (UWC) as presented on the form B below and earned 120 Credit Values for second cycle , and 180 credits for first cycle

Skills to be Acquired include:

  • Teaching and training skills must especially in Administrative Techniques
  • Analytical and problem solving skills to diagnose and propose solutions to communicate problems in Administrative Techniques

Head of Department

Dr. Rose Anjoh, Senior Lecturer ,

Tel: 677497462