M.Ed – EducationalAdministration and Planning


The program aims at producing competent managers of educational institutions and organizations as well as equipping the students with the knowledge and skills necessary for conducting and evaluating research studies. The program will also prepare Educational Leaders who as Scholars, Caring Practitioners, and Innovators to Facilitate Teaching and Learning, Promote the Success of all students, and reflect on schools as innovation sites by engaging students in authentic learning tasks.

Admission Requirements:

A first Degree from a recognized university in Curriculum Studies and Teaching, Educational Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Law, B.Tech SED, DIPET II SED, DIPES II SED, DIPCO, DIPEN II and Educational Administration and Planning. Candidates must be of good behavior and must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 on a scale of 4.0.


Fees per academic year six hundred thousand francs (600 000Fcfa)

Duration of Program:

  • 2 years for Bachelor Degree Students
  • 1 year for DIPET II students

Employment Opportunities:

Employment opportunities exist to graduates with Professional Master of Education in Educational Administration and Planning in the following fields:

  • Educational Institutions
  • Special needs Institutions
  • Industry and business organizations (Human resource development and management, productivity, etc)
  • Consulting opportunities

 Language of Instruction: The Language of instruction is English

 Student’s Profile: What competences would those admitted into the Professional Master of Education in Educational Administration and Planning of the Department of Science of Education at HTTTC need to have after completing the programme?