PhD – Information Management and Communication


The Postgraduate Program is designed to train innovative and creative professionals in Information Management and Communication whose knowledge and budding scholarship ends with practical skills.


The Postgraduate Program in Information Management and Communication aims at equipping the students’ with knowledge, skills and attitudes required to function adequately within the context of the digital economy as leaders and managers of organizations in public, private and international bodies.


The entry requirements for the Professional Doctor of Philosophy in Information Management and Communication shall include Professional Masters in Information and Communication Technology, Information Management and Communication, Secretarial Administration, Techniques Administrative, and other related fields.


Fees per academic year is nine hundred thousand francs (900 000Fcfa)


The Professional PhD is a three-year fulltime Doctorate program divided into six (6) semesters. The courses have been designed to integrate 50 percent theory and 50 percent practical including fourteen weeks of internship in an organization and seminar presentation on research topics in Information management and Communication. After completing both course work and practical requirements the student shall write a comprehensive exam at the end of the second semester of the second year. During the third year the student will present three seminars on their individual research interest in Information Management and Communication, publish at least one article in a scientific journal as well as participate in one national or international conference.  The program will terminate with the public defense of a Professional Doctor of Philosophy in Information Management and Communication. At the end of the course the student will graduate with a professional PhD in Information Management and Communication.


This course will prepare its graduates for careers in:

  • Information Management
  • Administrative Management
  • Archives and Library Management
  • Multimedia Centre Management
  • Information and Communication consultancy
  • Executive Secretarial Administration
  • Electronic Office Management


The program focuses on carefully selected courses which will address evolving trends in information management and communication within the context of a digital economy. The intention is to meet career demands of the 21st century and beyond as requested by the public, private and international organization in the domain of information management and communication. The development of the curriculum and the design of the content; hinge on training professionals and experts in the field of Information Management and Communication.  The courses cover the following arrears:

  • Theories, concepts and practical skills in Information Management and Communication
  • Knowledge of computer applications, information systems, analysis and evaluation
  • Develop skills in conceiving and evaluating correspondences, organization of administrative work and office equipment
  • Innovative application of archive management, cataloging, electronic and manual record management
  • Management of Information Systems
  • Various managerial skills, strategic management of information, preservation and protection
  • Job searching and creation capabilities
  • Organization of Seminar, conferences, workshop an presentation skills
  • Empirical research skills in Information Management and Communication