PRET – Information and Management Communication


The pertinence of strategic administrative information management in the growth of any organization cannot be overemphasized. This program,   Masters and PhDs in Information Management and Communication (IMC) aims at using scientific approaches in the field of administrative information management sciences that is adaptable to modern research and latest theories to train  s in the field of information management and communication whose knowledge can be translated into sterling innovative management approaches that can guarantee proper functioning of organizations and their sustainability.

The Postgraduate Program in Information Management and Communication is design to meet the needs of organization, public institutions, educators, private sector operators, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operations Officers and other stakeholders in the sector of administration and management of organizations by increasing their portfolio in terms of managing administrative information strategically. It will as well provide trainees with scientific approaches towards rationale thinking in the area of strategic information management and communication.

With a curriculum that is duly tied to   practice; the Postgraduate program in  Information Management and Communication shall give an in depth approach to strategic administrative information management that will translate into a coherent decision making process in any organization and contribute toward Cameroon emergence by 2035.


The Postgraduate Program is designed to train innovative and creative  s in Information Management and Communication whose knowledge and budding scholarship ends with practical skills.


The Postgraduate Program in Information Management and Communication aims at equipping the students’ with knowledge, skills and attitudes required to function adequately within the context of the digital economy as leaders and managers of organizations in public, private and international bodies.

Specifically, the program intends to attain the following objectives:

  • Bridge the existing gap in Cameroon in general and in HTTTC in particular where training in the area of Information Management and Communication is limited only at the level of DIPET II diploma thereby creating a dire need of qualitative man power in this area of concern.
  • Offer an in depth understanding of the theory and practice of strategic administrative information management and communication.
  • Create a coherent mesh between research and practice by ensuring that latest theories and applications in strategic administrative management are fully understood and implemented.
  • The program shall ensure a practice based approach that shall bring industry, enterprises and training together through internship, seminars and field trips.
  • The courses are designed to meet the needs of enterprises, public and non-governmental sector who have carved a niche in management, administration, human resources and education


The entry requirements for the Masters in Information Management and Communication shall include a First Degree or DIPET II in Information Sciences, Management, Marketing, Accountancy, Information and Communication Technology, Information Management and Communication, Secretarial Administration, Techniques Administrative, Information Management and Organization, Communications and other related fields.


Fees per academic year six hundred thousand francs (600 000Fcfa)


  • 2 years for Bachelor Degree Students
  • 1 year for DIPET II students


The Masters is a two-year fulltime Master’s program divided into four (04) semesters. The courses have been designed to integrate 50 percent theory and 50 percent practical including six weeks of internship and seminar presentation on research topics in Information management and Communication that will culminate with the public defense of a Master’s thesis. At the end of the program the student will graduate with PMSC Degree in Information Management and Communication.

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