PRET – Insurance


This programme is designed to produce graduates who will manage risks in organizational settings and provide insurance and risk aversion services to businesses, individuals, and other organizations. The success of any firm depends on its ability not only to create value for stockholders but also to protect such value. While the field of finance has historically paid significant attention to value creation, less has been said about the protection of value. Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) specifically address the issue of value protection. The Risk Management and Insurance curriculum focuses on the financial and economic characteristics of potential exposures to loss faced by firms and individuals, and the techniques available to minimize the costs associated with such exposures.


Holders of BTech in Risk Management and Insurance should be able to:  Understand, evaluate and manage the risk associated with Life, Liability, Property, Marine, Health Insurances;  Demonstrate a knowledge of the underwriting considerations in major insurances;  Demonstrate an understanding of the marketing function and its application to insurance business;  Understand the management structure of Insurance organizations and be able to evaluate and apply corporate finance concepts in insurance;  Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the laws which form a background of the operation of insurance;  Understand the issues to consider when negotiating and drafting an insurance contract.

Below is a pool of courses classified (Elective or compulsory). A student MUST pass in all compulsory courses and those elective courses deemed necessary by the academic board before graduation.

This Department is aimed with the students acquiring knowledge on practical skills in the field of insurance.

The students need the mastery in personal insurance, marine insurance, fiscal law, they ought to Learn about state control domain 0f the treasury, municipalities and other sectors of tax computation.

 Admission Requirements

Admission into this program is for students having HND in Insurance, candidates may also have an HPD/BTS in Insurance.


Fees per academic year three hundred and fifty thousand francs (350 000Fcfa)


  • Upon completion of this degree course the student can aspire in job opportunities in both business and non-profiting organization
  • They can create and manage small and medium size enterprises
  • Be employed directly into corporations
  • Can proceed into further studies national and international.

Upon completion of the training, graduates can aspire for the following responsibilities and job opportunities in both the Private Sector businesses:

  • Manager
  • Senior Administrative Assistant


The language of instruction is English.

Course Duration:

Two (02) Semesters (One year)

Course Requirements: 60 Credits

  •          Course work: 48 credits
  •          Internship: 04 credits
  •          Dissertation: 08 credits
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