PRET – Management


This programme strives to offer a thorough grounding in Business Studies to those who want to obtain a qualification in the field of Executive Business Studies.


The  Bachelor Degree programme in Executive Business Studies aims at:

Enhancing students’ knowledge and practical skills as a Business Manager or Consultant in both the Public and Private Sector businesses. Enhancing students’ ability in Management and entrepreneurship skills.

Entry Requirements

Candidates aspiring to under-take training for the award of the   Bachelor Degree in Executive Business Studies should be holders of the Higher National Diploma (HND) or BTS in Management Studies or any other recognised equivalent certificate like DIPET 1.


Fees per academic year three hundred and fifty thousand francs (350 000Fcfa)


Upon completion of the training, graduates can aspire for the following responsibilities and job opportunities in both the Private Sector businesses:

  • Manager
  • Junior Consultant

 Language of instruction

The language of instruction is English.

Course Duration

Two (02) Semesters (One year)

Course Requirements: 60 Credits

  •         Course work : 50 credits
  •         Internship: 05 credits
  •         Dissertation: 05 credits
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