PRET – Restaurant and Food Service Management

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide students with the tools necessary to be successful leaders and managers through the provision of hands-on training.

Objectives of the Program

This programme aims at imbuing in students the skills necessary to manage all aspects of a restaurant or food service business. Therefore, students will cover the day-to-day operations of restaurant and related establishments that serve foods and beverages. More specifically, the program strives to;

  • Provide students with the capacity to anticipate, evaluate and react to the trends that drive successful operations
  • Imbue in students the ability to distinguish the different types of accommodation and restaurants, and,
  • To provide students with capacity to manage monthly and weekly records for the sustainability of hotels and restaurants.

Profile of Candidates

Aspiring candidates should be holders of a DIPET I, Higher National Diploma (HND), or related and recognisable diploma in fields of Hotel Management, Catering and Restaurant Operations, Foodservice Operations and other related fields.

Career Opportunities

A growth in employment was projected for restaurant and foodservice managers between 2014 and 2024 by the World Labour Organisation (2014). From the planning of menus and hiring wait staff to ordering of napkins, graduates will, added to these, be able to upon completion of course work, run all aspects of a restaurant and foodservice business. Generally, they are capable of working for resorts, hotels, restaurants and hospitals. Other options include:

  • Restaurant and catering manager
  • Executive chef
  • Health specialist
  • Hospital food service worker

Course Duration

The programme duration is two (02) semesters (one academic year).

Fees: 350.000 FCFA (Three hundred and Fifty thousand francs CFA)

Degree Requirements

Students must before graduation passed all compulsory courses (C) including any University Requirement Course (UC) as required and earn a total of 72 credits.

Course work:

First semester – 36 credits

Second semester – 36 credits

  1. Language of Instruction

The language of instruction is English

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