PRET – Science of Education


The Science of Education program for the   degree that seeks to train teachers and skilled manpower needed to teach and operate in Teacher Training Colleges and related supervisory services. In the pursuit of this mission, the two-semester degree program is designed to refine or top up, as it were, the academic and   foundations systematically built in the students during the four-semester Higher National Diploma (HND) training program. In the design, an emphasis is placed on a special blend of both theoretical and practical courses, which leads to the acquisition of an eclectic knowledge, skills and attitudes-base that should produce highly motivated, conscientious and efficient classroom teachers and service providers in the relevant educational settings.


The   Bachelor in Science of Education aims at offering undergraduate majors with training and experiences that can provide:

  • Increased knowledge and skills in teaching and service delivery in Teacher Training Colleges and ancillary services.
  • Increased skills in leadership positions in our educational institutions.
  • A stepping stone to further academic/ studies in Teacher Education and related disciplines.


Candidates aspiring to undertake training for the award of the Bachelor of Technology in Science of Education should be holders of the Higher National Diploma (HND) or BTS in Didactics, Educational Planning, and Curriculum Development.


Fees per academic year three hundred and fifty thousand francs (350 000Fcfa)


Employment opportunities are open to graduates of Science of Education in the following services:

  • Teacher Training Colleges, both public and private.
  • Basic and secondary educational institutions
  • Private education sectors, educational organizations, etc.


The Language of instruction is English

Course Duration:

Two (02) Semesters (One year)

Course Requirements: 60 Credits

        Course work: 48 credits

        Internship: 04 credits

        Dissertation: 08 credits